Libre barefoot

Low Impact Barefoot Running Evolution

LIBRE SHOES is a company obsessed with minimalist footwear. We want to help people to get back to our origins. We need to wear natural-feeling footwear to keep the natural movement of our body . LIBRE SHOES co-founder was one of those millions of people who suffer from running with cushion shoes and develope IT band injure on his right leg. During a long time of research found out that the only solution was to start walking and running barefoot. He believes so much in this reality that he decides to develope a type of shoe ideal to run as barefoot feeling.

In the last 50 years people has been receiving the wrong information about, what type of shoe you have to wear for running, it’s time to start liberating ourselves from heavy and cushioned shoes that only leave us with a weakest feet, the planet more contaminated and your packet empty.