Why barefoot

Things you need to know

Our evolution create a perfect foot to run with a shorter toe, big heel and evolved of the arch to helps stiffen it and also act as a spring.

The reason running was important 2 million years ago it was for chasing animals to hunt.

Our foot is well created to support load of the body during walking or running.

People start using footwear 40.000 years ago, to protect feet from natural elements.

In the XIX Century we start using shoes created for each foot with different shapes that Feet must fit on every shoe model trend on the market. At that moment shoes start creating problems with the Achilles tendon and calf.

Then 1970’s people start running to be more active and start the new era of the cushion running shoes.

50 year later and more than 600 million people running around the world, deserve the true about how to run as our ancestors did  thousands years ago. we can educate our children to be more time barefoot to grow with a strong feet.

We want that everyone have the opportunity to change the shoe wearing and get your feet connected to your mind and ground.

We know this is an ambitious challenge but we believe in the near future we will call barefoot shoes the traditional shoe.

Leave your kids play barefoot when possible





Low Impact Barefoot Running Evolution

We invite everyone to try LIBRE minimalist shoes, which will bring you the freedom that yout feet deseve. 

When you wear LIBRE Shoes, your Joins, muscles, tendons and ligaments would be stronger. If you are an expert runner or you are starting on the runners world, LIBRE will help you to make the transition. But please always be conservative in the time using LIBRE Shoes to run. If you are one of the millions of people using cushion shoes for running please start jogging for less than 15 minutes and always heard your body.

There is a net of nerves connection between your brain and your feet, and you need to liberate your feet from those heavy shoes to be able to feel any kind of surface you step on.